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Hi all! Came a bit late to the party this time, but I managed to spend some odd hours over the last week coming up with a nice tilable pattern - here's my reference, and what I've done so far:

This is the OpenGL render:

and lastly an Iray render:

Not sure what's causing those weird jagged edges, I'll have to experiment with it a bit more. As for further work I'm thinking about adding a surround over the main tiling pattern to make it look closer to the ref image - so this pattern will be in the center, then around it would be a white surround kinda like a shoe tread, then maybe a green weave for the outer section. So hopefully it will look almost like someone took a sports shoe and just flattened it out.

Haven't created any parameters so far but will most likely go for some fairly basic stuff; colour, tile size, tile rotation and simple roughness controls.

Anyways, any thoughts or improvements (especially regarding those jaggies on the iray render) would be appreciated! Ty

Looking nice, try to set your normal map to 16 or 32 bits to deal with the jagged edges.


I've added a footprint shape to surround the center pattern, I did make an attempt to add a fabric weave around that shape using the default weave nodes but it just didn't look right, so I think my only other options are to leave the outer area around the footprint like this or mask out the pattern completely. Managed to fix the jaggies too!

Based on the other amazing entries I've seen and the amount of time I have left I've resigned myself to the fact this is not going to be contest-winning material. But it was pretty fun to make and I've had a good time with it. :) Parameters will likely end up being: show/hide footprint, tile size/rotation, colour control, normal intensity and roughness intensity.

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Nice work!
Never give up!
Through this contest we are not only participating. We are all learning and getting to know lot many ways to achieve a result. Everyone can go with the tons of ideas and techniques from here. I hope Allegorithimic will conduct this every year or good if it is every month  :P

I will you all the best!

Super last minute update!

After a bit of fiddling around with masks I found a way to really make that footprint shape pop without letting the background look totally bare. Lastly, I added a funky hex tile blend over the grey trim as an extra decorative touch. I'm a lot happier with it now but I realise I'm running out of time pretty fast - just the parameters and final renders to go!

Nicely done, I really like the star pattern you've added. :)

All done for now!

I'll admit I took a lot of creative licence with that source image, and I'm still figuring out how to use iray to get best results, but overall this was an awesome learning experience -first time using iray to render, first time using parameters on a material, and my first time entering any kind of art contest. Thanks to all who looked at my work or left comments! Will be doing this for sure again next year!