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Hi, i start to use 2017.2.0 version and previously i've unistall the older one, i've see that i can't find perlin noise zoom, but if i open an old file i find it, only in the graph, i can copy and paste it in new packages, but i'm not sure why i can't find it in library.
Someone know something about that?

Edit: Even perlin noise 2 disappeared.
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It's because a lot of the noises have been replaced. Perlin Nois 1 and 2 have been replaced by Perlin Noise and you can use the scale parameter to zoom in and out.

I'm not too happy with it myself, particularly with the Perlin Noise node because I can't work out how to get the Perlin Noise node in v2017.2.1 to look like Perlin Noise 1 which is REALLY messing up me being able to follow a Wood tutorial on YouTube.

Personally I think that Allegorithmic should give us the CHOICE of which Perlin Noises to use. The Perlin Noise in 2017.2.1 is more efficient than the Perlin Noise 1 in 2017.1.4 but it's about as useful as a chocolate teapot if you can't get the exact same look that Perlin Noise 1 has.

If anyone knows what settings will turn these new nodes (the Wood Fibers noises have also been killed off too) into the old nodes I and I'm sure A LOT of people would be very grateful.

I just posted about this as well noticed many noises are gone, for perlin zoom, yes just use scale, I tested and works fine that way.

I just posted about this as well noticed many noises are gone, for perlin zoom, yes just use scale, I tested and works fine that way.

Have you had any luck with Perlin Noise 1 at all..? I've tried bringing the Scale right down and changing the Disorder parameter but I can't for the life of me get the same pattern that the old Perlin Noise 1 had.

I honestly can't see any reason why they didn't just keep the Perlin Noise 1 and 2 nodes AND gave us an extra Perlin Noise with Scale and Disorder parameters. These nodes are used A LOT in tutorials on YouTube and I can't get my Substance looking anything like the content creator's texture. It's VERY frustrating. :(

Hi everyone ,

alot of changes in noises, and the moisture noise if you bring it to the graph in sd 2017.2 , you have a display driver error and Designer closes ,maybe a bug.

yeap ,and that's just what i'm struggling with lately ,replicating tutorials becoming harder with excluding these noises.

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I just find it completely bizarre that they've completely removed the old ones. Having new noises is great, and having noises that you can be non-square and adjust the scale and disorder is also great but Allegorithmic should at least give us the CHOICE of which ones to use.

The Perlin Noise 1, 2 and Zoom nodes in particular are used in just about every tutorial that's on YouTube, including most of the official Allegorithmic ones. Why on earth did they not keep the current ones and bring out the new one as well?

All of these tutorials are practically USELESS now, particularly the wood texture tutorials that rely on Perlin Noise 1 so heavily to produce the realistic wood patterns when used in conjunction with Warp nodes.

Ya I was able to add in the old noises and they worked......but I did have a crashing issue, not sure if it was related or not. I made a post about it, but you can give it a try go inside your old SD 5, and get the noises.

Yes I did get the Perlin to work, using scale..  Vertical noise is gone, that one annoyed me, as I liked it, I hated it was gone, so I added to the new SD and it worked again later in the day I got some crashing, but not sure if it was related as it keep asking me to update that node I added from the old SD, so trying to get a dev to confirm if we can take out old ones and use in the new one or not...

Yep.. All the grunge maps are now different. They should have just kept them available in another category instead of removing them.
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Hi everyone,

I don't know if it's true but i had a feeling that the reason why  soft wares take your data as you work in them is to collect your creativity which add up to the others and the software will learn from it to improve itself ,so if you're relying on what's in stock for example stock noises this isn't helping the software development ,you have to be always innovative in your wokflow that's why innovation matters .   

I guess removing noises is intentional ,the reason behind it is to push the creativity even further in coming up with new noises rather than relying on the stock ones .

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I have a Plurasight account so I download the exercise files and loaded the graph into the package I was working on. I then just copied and pasted to the graph that I needed to Perlin Zoom on.  It seems to work...  It just has a LEGACY tag next to it...


According to the video talking about the new features in 2017.2, the old Perlin Noise 1 is now just the Gaussian Noise, so you might be able to use that instead to get the look you're after?