Author Topic: Extract masks from a color bitmap  (Read 811 times)

Hi, is there a way to extract grayscale masks from a color bitmap with SD? For example, the color bitmap would be a splatmap with say 4 main colors (but blended between each other with various alphas) and I would like to extract the masks for each main color. I guess this is not an obvious filter to build, is there such a thing into SD? Thanks.

For splatmaps, this is, by the design of the splatmap system, quite straightforward. Since splatmaps use red, blue, green, and alpha, you can use the RGBA Split node found in Filters/Channels to separate them all out in a user-friendly way.

In my case colors are not necessarilly RGB and there may be more than 4 colors. I am looking for a tool able to separate masks for an arbitrary number of main colors that we would specify as input.

There is a color to mask node that can do this.