Author Topic: Project a full res image onto the mesh like Mari does  (Read 2485 times)

There is still one thing that Im still using Mari for its their projection method.  Its not a stencil that's being resolution lock its a full image projection without any quality decay.

What Mari's tedious work flow is you first have to save your camera for screen shots.  So assuming that you have a character head.  You setup all front view side view 3/4 and so on to match your photo references for projection.  Set the capture resolution say if your photo is being taken in 4k, you better capture that in 4k.  Once you have those screen capped.  Open it up in photoshop and try to transform and liquidfy the photoreference to match the screen cap views.  After all the photo reference are being lineup with all views, you may go back to Mari and project those photos based on the camera of you set for the screen capture.  Or you may map those photos onto the paint buffer but paint buffer in Mari has set to the max of 2k resolution so might better to not use the buffer method but directly project onto the mesh.

If Substance painter can have similar type of method to transfer/project my photo texture reference to the mesh without going thru a stencil?  or maybe even a better work flow it will be so great.