Author Topic: Materialize Contest - Wooden tiles on golden sea  (Read 2169 times)


Here is my work in progress. I chose for inspiration this image:

And here is a temporary render (not fully resolved, but it gives an idea of where I want to go):

I have a graph that makes tiles only, with a single "seed" parameter:

Changing the seed produces different tiles...
seed 0:

seed 1:

seed 2:

Then in a separate graph, I tile a bunch of them and create the golden layered sea. Here are the params I've got:

I'm working on the MDL now (fairly simple, just dielectric for the wood and ggx for the metal), but it keeps crashing my machine. (Since I updated my nvidia drivers on my old MacBookPro, Designer crashes frequently on large graphs, but trying to render my MDL simply crashes OSX! Yikes.)

I want to spend time refining stuff (e.g. my scratches on the gold are too subtle, my wood tiles should probably be rougher to contrast more with the gold, etc...) but I want to be able to get a MDL that doesn't crash, so at least I could render something.

Ideas and feedback are welcome - as well as optimization suggestions for someone with a an old machine/graphics card (I've got 384 CUDA cores, that's not a lot is it?)

nice one your shape is pretty good !
I'm working on this too i should be able to show something today

Your idea is cool but i think you need to make the shape more center to your render.

I think you made a lot of work on it and it look just like a simple detail and the focus is made on the gold "sea".

i think a more balanced dispersion of both would be better.

your idea reminds me this:

Great work on the stumps!

Ok, re-reading the judging criteria, I decided to go closer to the reference.

It's made out of a few substance graphs, first the tiles themselves:

With these params:

Another graph for the leaves:

Then the tiles:

And the MDL: