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When using custom geometry in designer are there any issues I should be aware of when using parallax occlusion?

What I am trying to do is; use height map to raise up certain areas only - it works fine on the default plane but as soon as I use it on my custom geometry, the whole model gets warped and distorted.

any ideas?

Can you share a picture or two, please?

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I noticed it looks distorted on some meshes. Have you playing around with the tiling? Not sure if it would help ,but I was making a setup for making my material icons and the sphere looked distorted until I changed tiling to like 5.

Check your scale. I think Designer uses a factor x2 to (maya units) for proper displacement in terms of mesh size. Iray and OpenGL also have a factor of x2 difference in displacement intensity.

I'm using baked maps rather than anything procedural generated so I don't think tiling is an issue.

The first picture below is the substance designer flat plane- the height is protruding where it should ie. the grey parts and not the rest.

The second picture below is exactly the same graph - just using the actual mesh in the view port - instead of only the correct parts extruding out from the mesh - the whole mesh is being effected.
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