Author Topic: Grunge_Map_011 displaying incorrectly  (Read 1244 times)


So I have this weird problem which I haven't come across before in Substance, I'm using the vanilla grunge map 11 that comes with Designer to drive some rust effects but it appears totally different when I import the .sbsar into Painter. Even the normal maps/base colour etc look nothing like what appears in Painter compared to Designers viewer.

I'll enclose the .sbs file in case you want to check it out yourself, I'm using Designer v6.0.3 and Painter v7.3.1.


I tested your sbs in Designer 6.0.4 (the version you probably used to make your substance) and I don't have the same result as yours.
Here is mine with your sbs and without modifying aything.

By default your grunge map doesn't look like it should.
Did you test other grunge map ?
Can you send me your log file because here this is a issue with Designer, Painter displays what you should see in Designer.
You will find the log file in Help -> export log file

Thanks !
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