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Good day

After installing Substance Painter (latest version for Windows OS) last night I discovered a few problems regarding the views (3D/2D). After slight modification of the materials/textures these artifacts starts to appear with no way of removing it. Always a different noise pattern and colour.

 I have changed all teh TDR levels all the way up to 120 now. My computer specs are on par with the recommended specs (except I'm using Intel Graphics 620, but please don't give me crap that is the sole reason why this is happening My apologies as this was the case) so I'm not sure what it can be.

Any help is appreciated, thank you.

Replicated results (any sort of modification to textures/materials causes these artifacts) for below imgae
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Unfortunately your integrated Intel GPU is below the minimum specs for Substance Painter. As we are making changes and improvements to the tool it is possible that things break as these GPUs are not supported in the first place.

The unsupported GPU seems to have been the problem Jeremie, thanks. I upgraded to 2017.4 and it sorted out most of the problems. It became stable in 2018.1.

For anyone who stumbles across this problem in the future, try upgrading to the latest version.