Author Topic: A substance failed to load!  (Read 3388 times)

Hello guys!

I am using C4D and VrayforC4D. I have been working on a scene with six .sbsar materials downloaded from Substance source and everything has been working fine on my end. I now need to open my scene on other computers to work with other people but only half of my materials load correctly. My whole project is located in one big folder and every materials have localized filenames. All my .sbsar are saved and linked to a tex folder located next to my .c4d scene and my substance_cache folder. I checked the paths and they are all pointing to the right name.

The materials that don't want to load are (rotten wood, rope manilla, and thatch):

Anybody knows what I am doing wrong?

ps:Also, does anyone have a tutorial or know how to properly set the specular channels for vrayforc4d. My materials' specularity seems poor.

Thank you!

Nevermind! I figured it out.

It was a matter of having the very last version of Cinema 4D. Both were R18 but I had not done the latest update on the second computer.

I am still interested if anyone has an answer to my specularity problem.