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So. Been assisting with bringing T3D into closer alignment with modern toolsets, and hit a bit of a snag that we could use clarification with.

An example: lists packing smoothness/ao/metallic into a texture substance side.
We've replicated (I thought) that particular example via the interface
However further personal game testing would seem to indicate that on feeding the result of the merge node directly to an output flips the space on over to SRGB, which is born out both by
comments,3758.15.html as well as personal experiments
To date, most of the folks that have been testing this have either gotten assets with 'normal' RGB greyscales, or just gone ahead and fed thier single-chanel 8s through substance or photoshop.

Since from the looks of things, we need to do a bit of cleanup regarding single channel imports anyway, it seemed an opportune time to make sure:

Are single channel exports (Roughness/AO/Metalness) linear, or SRGb space (browsing around would seem to indicate linear, and one would presume the former given the different color curves, but might as well be sure)?
While we can certainly throw toLinear/toSRGb prior to the post-combine/pre-split node into our substance-to-engine exporter/importer node pair (which may degrade the results), is there a simple way I'm just overlooking to do a Photoshop/gimp replication, and just feed the channels in straight to get them in the same space back out, or will we just need to go ahead and sort some methods for handling both cases?

Edit: handled. should be noted for folks in a similar position, at time of writing at least, metalness, roughness and ao direct-exports would seem to be using L16s, not L8s.
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