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'Sup Algorithmic, I'm a game design student from the UK and have decided to enter this contest to push my designer skills. Only been using the software for a few months but I'm already in love, very powerful stuff.

I'm attempting this material from the mattershots page;

And here is my current progress.

A bit of crit and advice would be appreciated since I've been hitting a bit of a wall. Firstly, I am using the new 3D Cube with some corners chopped off to get the hexagonal cube like shape, not sure this is the best way, but has worked better than trying to create it using flat shapes. Also, as I am using tile sampler to create the overall look, some shapes overlap unlike the reference and I'm unsure how to overcome this.

I'll keep hammering away but any tips would be great.

Also, I am aware we're supposed to be rendering in Iray, however, my material looks much better in OpenGL in terms of height/parallax. I've tried to use tesselation to achieve similar results, but it dosesn't add much depth to the material at all. Thanks in advance, great challenge!
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Small update;

Another small update, still having similar issues as before but I think I'm getting closer to the reference.

Iray is still seemingly not working the way I would like, it seems to lose depth and messes up the roughness quite bit.



This is the same possition and lighting, as you can see the results are significantly better using OpenGL.

Any help would be appriciated.
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Firstly you should make a hexagon tile, this tile has something wrong.
If you don't know how to tile hexagon it is simple, i had some headaches once so I'll explain it to you:
Tile generator-> Set the X and Y amount to 8 and 10(always keep the difference between equal 2);
                            Set Interstice X to 0.13
                            Set Position offset to 0.5
                            Adjust scale
and it is done.
This is working for me on basic hexagon polygon.

Thanks, will try this out for my next update.

something is wrong over here)

something is wrong over here)
Where?  :)

something is wrong over here)
Where?  :)
you are missing the base form of the reference hexagon-to-square shapes

I chose this material too, I needed more reference to understand the base shape in this case,
curious to see your updates