Author Topic: Automate B2M?  (Read 2423 times)

 It isn't clear to me if the automation toolkit allows for automating B2M functionality, the docs mostly talk about using meshes etc..

I have about 500 diffuse textures I'd like to automatically generate the normal/roughness/metallic/AO for.

Manually doing this is very tedious(especially since B2M doesn't name them properly).

Can this be automated with SAT?

B2M is not bundled with the Automation toolkit and there are no samples for it.
In order to get this right the straight forward approach would be to run your commands through a python script properly renaming the files according to your convention when the application terminates.

If you want to use the Automation toolkit to do it, it's possible using SBSRender on a substance network containing a B2M node. Then you have full control over the files coming out through the command line so you don't have to do any renaming afterwards.

Let me know if any of this helps you solving the issue or if you have questions on how to get these things right.