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Hi everyone! Thought I'd give this a shot in my free time. I have a few refs I'd like to try, but for now, here's a WIP Iray render of my take on this ref:


Late Edit: This surface is credited to Giles Miller Studio - there's more info on the real-life version behind the link. Some more ref photos of it:


It can also do randomized two-color patterns already!

Good fun so far :-)
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you nailed it man ,it can't get better than the result you achieved , great job  ;)

I almost missed the deadline - did a bit more work on it in between things over the last few days.

Here's the Artstation link of my final submission:

And a few more renders for you!

First off, the comparison shot:

(reference left, substance right)

Beauty shot:

And some variations:

There's more renders on the Artstation page, so check that out if you like what I made!

I'm also adding a few more reference shots to the OP, based on the real life object.
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Did another render, with MOAR LENSFLARE: