Author Topic: Map Baking feels slow/ "not responding"  (Read 1413 times)


I've noticed that baking maps feels extremely slow and occasionally become unresponsive/"soft crash". I've been successful in baking out most of the maps in 2k resolution with 4x4 supersampling, but SP hangs during AO baking. I've tried setting the ray count and anti aliasing lower, but there isn't very noticeable improvements.

I hope this isn't an issue with my computer. I've tried baking out the same maps with the same settings in marmoset 3 and xNormal and they both turned out great.

I attached my log files and I can provide my project files if that would help further.


I haven't experienced any hangs, but baking AO/ thickness in Painter really is extremely slow. Takes about 20 minutes or longer per TextureSet in 4k resolution, unacceptable.

Which is why I bake it in Marmoset Toolbag or Knald. If you have Toolbag 3 already I'd just use that to bake the maps, no point in doing it in Painter when it takes about 10 times longer there.
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