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The hybrid 3D/2D painting option rules my mind with possibility. I've seen a few pitches for better drawing tools. I would fall all over myself with giddy excitement if we got some precision drawing aids LIKE:

- a ruler/straight edge tool like the one from Sketchbook Pro, which I love and no longer feel I can live without.
- screen and object space bezier curves you can snap to or automatically stroke. Imagine placing bezier nodes on a 3D surface and plotting your course that way (!!) ...
- marquee/lasso/translate/distort tools for the 2D view. <--- said this in another thread. Worth saying again.

I guess what I'm feeling is that alphas are great, and stamps are nice, but I really want to be able to be fussy with where my line is about to go. Otherwise, I'll be back in Photoshop or (worse) Illustrator, and what fun is that?
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These tools are on the to-do list.

This is great to hear because I was definitely going to suggest the same with the rulers and perhaps some curve drawing tools (think Corel Draw or Illy).

I'm loving Substance Painter at this point in time!


PS - Thinking further about curves, if I could really have my wish, it'd love for curves to be implemented similar to how they are drawn in Anime Studio with its edge curvatures, variable line widths and storke exposures etc., (and of course fills for closed curves).

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