Author Topic: Materialize Contest: Lucy Lowe - Utopick Chocolate Bar Wrapper  (Read 2822 times)

Hello everyone,

I wanted to throw my hat into the ring by recreating 'Lavernia & Cienfuegos Utopick Chocolates'.
As well as the Mattershot references, I've lucked out as the designer has very kindly uploaded some high resolution images to their folio:

I do want to play around with these patterns further, particularly the pink one as it's become a bit of an unwieldy transform and symmetry nightmare. It's too straight compared to the nice imperfect flow of the reference.

I'm not entirely clued up on Designer workflows yet; my intention is to create a matte, shiny and patterned paper variants and then blend them all together in one master graph.

I got distracted for a little while wondering how best to present this material, as if I were to ever make this asset, this definitely wouldn't be how I'd go about it.

Either way, I've made three different types of paper and blended them together with an ID mask.

I still need to make some adjustments, to the colours in particular, and there is a definite lack of functionality in the Text node, such as no ability to change letter spacing or line height.

Looks great! Really elegant and refined, good job

I've finished with my Substance, I think I've done as much as I can. I've really enjoyed the experience and learned a heck of a lot along the way. I'd definitely participate in another contest.

I've allowed you to switch between the four patterns in the reference, as well as exposing the colour of the paper, the patterns and control the amount of tiling.

Here are some final renders of 2 of the patterns:

ArtStation here:

Looks amazing, really clear  ;D