Author Topic: Iray Render tangent basis looks incorrect. Unable to render  (Read 358 times)

I've seen issues a few times where the iray render does not match the viewport display for it's normal map. It feels like it is inverting the gradient of the normal map, or that it is using a different set of binormals than the ones use in the viewport paint display... i'm not sure.

Both the high and the low fbx files were exported to painter, only smoothing groups checked in the fbx exporter, triangulation checked for the lowpoly.

It's a directX project, and the normal maps were baked in substance painter. They look correct in the paint window, but appear quite distorted when I switch to iray render. I've tested the project with compute tangent space per fragment checked on and off, and I've even tried to bake in OpenGL but all have the same distorted effect.

I like the idea of using the iray render, but at this point my colleagues and I are taking our files into Marmoset.