Author Topic: Some Substance Source material is not procedural?  (Read 1435 times)

I have found that for some substance materials from the Substance Source are not procedually generated. What I mean by that is when I click on Random button from the Substance Painter, it doesn't regenerate its look based on the random seed.

I "can" understand that for some of them this is not possible, or not enabled. But, this information is not available before downloading the material from the source library. If this is the indeed the case, then it should be noted somewhere so that we know exactly what we are downloading. Just wasted few points on the substances that are not randomly regenerate-able.

Can anyone shine more info on this?

Somer substances are scan based and can't be rendomized.
We plan on adding this information to the website but in the meantime, you can tell which ones are procedural by checking if the sbs file is available, if it's not then this means the material is based on a scan and will likely not be randomizable.