Author Topic: Rotating substances  (Read 1634 times)

I know this has been asked a lot of times over the years, but for the same reason I'd like to refresh the issue.

Most Source Substances still do not contain "Rotate 90 degrees" option. The way my team for example operates requires a lot of texture tweaking and applying the same texture for different models, and the same model with different textures. It's extremely annoying to have to work with the models UVs every time we want to apply a different texture, because some tiles go up, and others go sideways rather arbitrarily - some materials even have a slight slant to them for no apparent reason, but to the pain of the artist.

Some substances in source already have the 90 degree option, as it is rather easy to implement, but not all. This wouldn't even be an issue if all the materials were released with an .sbs...
I find that this feature would be both immensily powerful and a simple way to make your service better.