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I want to buy an independent, but I do not have a stripe account, but I have paypal, how can paypal pay? :'(


You don't need to have a Stripe account, you just need to have a debit / credit card.
Paypal is available in all the countries except China and Germany (Paypal does not offer recurring payments in those countries).

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Paypal does not offer recurring payments in those countries (Germany and China)?
I can't speak for China, but with Germany, that isn't correct. I have AdobeCloud and also Microsoft, Autodesk and some other on monthly recurring payments with my german PayPal Account. So I guess your comment could not be correct.
Creditcards are not common in Germany, I have none and at the moment I am really disappointed that I can't get the monthly plan with all software and Substance Source :-(

could you please check that issue with PayPal for Germany?

Thanks in advance


Edit: I was able to buy a Visa Prepaid card, and get the monthly subsricption. But that won't be the permanent solution for me, because I would always have to keep in mind to top up the card manually. I really would appreciate it if you can resolve the PayPal issue
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Paypal does not offer recurring subscriptions in Germany, as you can see here:
"Recurring payments cannot be created for buyers in Germany or China. In this case, you can use reference transactions as an alternate solution."

The other companies you are mentioning are using what is called "Reference transactions" with Paypal: this is a specific system from Paypal offered to big companies, more complicated to implement and maintain than the regular Paypal offer.
I won't go into the details, but we don't have plans to implement this system for the moment.

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