Author Topic: "Always on Top" popup windows (color picker, etc)  (Read 1733 times)

So this may just be an issue on the windows version, but some of the popup windows (color picker, gradient editor, etc) don't have the " always on top" behavior.

For example, my color picker will lose focus and then it gets stuck behind the substance designer window. Even if you click on the color property on a graph, the color picker dialog window doesn't get focused again, it remains hidden behind the main SD window.

My suggestion would be to make the color picker and other dialogs "always on top". Alternatively, if the color picker is already open and you click on a color box, it should focus the color picker and bring it to the top.

It's just kind of annoying when popup windows get lost behind other windows, and you have to minimize substance designer and go find your lost color picker.


You're right, it happened to me before and it's annoying, we'll put it on our list of fixes.