Author Topic: Merging textures in seperated materials.  (Read 1065 times)

Hi, allegorithmic.

I'm using the substance painter in joy. it's very nice tool!
One feature I hope to find in the painter is that texture merging.

Game assets can have multiple materials in one mesh. But usually they share the same uv coordinates so that all neccessary textures can be packed into one texture.
Currently in the painter as I know, if I loaded a mesh that has three materials, I find I got serveral textures like three diffuse maps, three roughness maps, three metallic maps.
I hope the painter merges these three textures together as one.

I'm wondering whether you have plan to add a feature to merge these textures.
Thank you for reading my request, I will appreciate if I can use the feature in the painter.

Ah, Sorry this was substance designer board.
I will repost in the painter board.
I wish to delete this post but cannot it is not working now.