Author Topic: Adding textures on top of other textures?  (Read 647 times)

So I'm trying to use Designer to add some moss on the top of a rock texture that I created. How can I go about making it look like it's actually growing on TOP of the stone? It's all procedurally generated, and I'm guessing there's some trickery to the height and normal maps. Are there some other things to it? Thanks!

What ultimately you are going to do is blend the two textures together using the blend node.  But how you approach them is going to determine the effect.

The Blend node operates somewhat differently if you are using a greyscale or color input.  Color inputs can have alpha, so think of it like laying down a moss layer in photoshop over a rock layer.

If you are in greyscale you have different blending modes (you have these blending modes also in color) you can use to determine how the two images are blended together.

In the blend node, you can supply 3 inputs.  The top input is the one that will be put on top and you can change how it is blended, the 2nd input is the bottom image, and the 3rd input is a mask.

Without knowing your setup, I would take the rock shape and use that as a mask to determine where to draw my moss.  Because moss does not always perfectly cover rock, I would blend that mask with some kind of noise or pattern to start reducing moss in an organic way.  Then I would use that as my mask for the moss part of the texture and blend them together.

I personally like to work on my Normal Map first.  I figure out the shapes of everything, and once I have the normal map, then then I start building out the other maps.