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Hello substance users!

I was just wondering if anyone knows of which environment scene displays a 50% grey correctly.
I know we're working with PBR materials and the lighting from the scene will directly effect this but I'm trying to calibrate my current monitor to display a 50% grey a lot better. It seems that every environment map in the 3D view will display that grey as a different value or even be coloured. (why don't I use just buy a monitor calibrator? because I'm currently in the middle of buying a new monitor but I just want my current displays to work better since they are of two different makes)

I've even tried setting my monitor to greyscale mode for kicks, this helps in finding the correct exposure levels but environment colour will affect it once turned off.

Anyways I'll keep trying to see which environment map or at what exposure level will result in the closest to a true 50% grey.

Thanks for any replies or insight!

So far I've found that Soft_5Daylight at exposure 0.05 is exactly 50% grey
R 128 G 128 B 128

Corisca_beach at exposure 0.95 is really close to 50% grey
R127 G 129 B 128

Differences between these environment maps is one is a soft studio light setting and the other is an HDR natural daylight setting.

I've been normally using corsica_beach at exposure 0 for most of my height map building, I'm still interested in what other substance designer users prefer!