Author Topic: Export Size: how to reduce it best and where are the options?  (Read 1079 times)

Hi there,
my Substance Designer archive has 700MB with all Maps in 4K. I did a material scanning, using 8 Highres photos.

How to  make it smaller, without getting a big loss in quality?
In the beginning I got an option box, when exporting, now I can't find it anymore.
I want to work in Painter.

I also had created my Substance Painter project in 8k. Not sure, which affect this has, too.

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You can use a jpeg compression for some textures: click on the bitmap resource in the package explorer and change the compression setting in the properties panel. But it's not advised if you want to keep the maximum quality (especially for height/normal maps).

4K maps take place, there is no miracles..
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