Author Topic: Procedural Hair Card Asset with Substance Designer and Houdini  (Read 1898 times)

Hello all, 

I wanted to share a Houdini OTL asset I've made and am testing out for the beta release.  It also needs Substance Designer.  The FREE VERSION OF HOUDINI (Apprentice) works FINE with this and the hair system isn't too hard to learn in 20 minutes. 


The link above is the documentation and download links (available on Orbolt)

The asset takes Houdini's Hair system, then procedurally makes a low poly hair card for each hair clump, so your hair generate nodes will need a hairclump node within to initialize a clumpid attribute.  Simply plug your hair generate node into the asset and the left output will give you a low poly hair card wig and the right output gives you a high poly mesh that's exportable.  (Houdini's hair system is actually NOT geometry that's exportable to other software, so the asset takes care of converting it).  

MORE IMPORTANTLY - the asset procedurally creates a GROUP NAME for each hair card that MATCHES its high poly hair clump.  That's important because Substance Designer can take that information and BAKE EACH HAIR CARD SEPARATELY without interference from other hairs belonging to other cards, something Houdini has yet to implement, a "match by mesh name" feature.  

Let me know what you all think as I'd like to build upon the asset.  Apologies if this seems off topic due to Houdini, but it does require Substance Designer and its awesome "Bake Opacity Map" feature which Painter oddly doesn't have nor do a lot of 3d packages.  So a nice use for an underused feature.