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Hello allegorithmic community! This is my first non-tutorial substance that I've made on my own. I'm trying to make a procedural pizza and overall I'm happy with how its turning out but I know it can be improved.

For one as you'll see in the following image it does not tile as expected, on the edges of the rounded cube you can see seam lines. I'm using a tile patch to make the pepperoni grid but it seems difficult to control the number of elements and the disorder attribute doesn't seem to tile nicely.

I've included an older image of my grid setup to give an idea of how I'm going about it Here's the latest graph view, if anyone has any suggestions please let me know! I'm considering trying a displacement map as well so the pepperoni actually sticks out of the mesh. Thank you for your time.
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You're making me hungry.   :P

My suggestion is to increase the "Height" of the pepperoni, so it appears to be sitting above the cheese (rather than painted on it) when viewed from an angle, such your picture of the cube.  Looking at your graph, I don't think you have any pepperoni height at all.  You'll need to "add" the pepperoni to the Normal channel.  I'm away from my fun computer, so I can't get into specific details, but you'll probably figure it out.  If now, feel free to ask a follow-up question in this thread.

Thanks for sharing.  :)
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Thanks! And this graph is dated, I have the pepperoni and cheese made into a heightmap and converted into the normals already, but I didn't do any displacement with the height node itself as apparently you have to change some settings to get it to display right. Here's an updated view of the graph:

As for specific questions I was just curious if the Tile Patch node node was a reasonable way to tile things, and if there was a better way with more control (such as having elements have random but non-overlapping positions that tile, specify element count, etc).
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Well I always said it was about time you got a pizza the action! ;D

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