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I plan to do several materials and choose the best one.

1st ittereation on

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Little update

and yeah I am going to do several of them and then chose one I like the most.
this pattern took some time to figure out

That is awesome! how did you manage getting the shape!

I'm probably going to post material breakdown on my artstation after Contest is over. So stay tuned.

Meanwhile here is a test for a next material.
Mainly to test how glass can work in Substance iray and stone material is placeholder.

Update. Looks like I am going with this one.

I was able to overcome all my issues with MDL and now can proceed to make it better

Damage Test

With and without additional light source

I like the Nike Sole, You got the shapes so close! great work..
This contest is lot of Fun!!


scaled down 4k render(can't upload 4k due to file size probably)