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Hi everyone,

It's been a while since i did enter a contest. I had some time this week end to start.
I chose the architectural-chocolate :

I got the different shapes so far and created a lot of parameters to tweak.

Still a lot to do :)

Hi everyone,

I was wondering, is it possible to expose presets of a substance inside a substance ?

Just to explain, i have a chocolate substance material with a lot of parameters that i record in presets to quickly change the aspect of the material. So far so good.
Then i create a master substance that contain two chocolate substances and i am blending them to get the aspect of the reference witch have two different chocolate surfaces. What i would like to do is to expose each chocolate substance preset in a drop down list just to allow the user to change it thru the master material exposed parameters.. Is it possible ?

I hope my explanation is understandable... :)

Thanks in advance.

You'll need to make sure you're on 2017.

Firstly, you'll have to expose the parameters of the nodes you want to be tweakable in your preset, then double-click outside your graph so you can see the graph's main settings, scroll down to Input Parameters and press the icon that looks like a piece of paper (Preview), edit your properties to match how you want your preset set-up then press the plus icon to save the preset.

It explains it with pictures here:

Thanks for the reply CptQwark
I indeed did that to expose the presets of my chocolate material. What i wanted to do is to expose this presets as a parameters inside an other graph. Sorry if i didn't explain it well.

Ahh, I'm following. I actually wanted to do the same thing myself.

If you create your parameters and then instance your graph with the exposed parameters inside another graph, you can access those same parameters when you click on the material instance node. They won't be in the graph's main settings but they will be on the settings of the instance. This is where any presets you made will be stored, too.

Hopefully I got that right. :)

Thanks CptQuark,

Yeah i wish i could have that in a kind of a "preset parameters" in the main graph settings, kind of a drop down list and just choose the preset i want independently on my two chocolate material and be able to expose that too. Now i have to much parameters to deal with :D
I am totally out of the competition but i will try to post some render here later.

Thanks again for your well explained answers!