Author Topic: Thoughts additional nodes  (Read 1158 times)

Hi guys,

What i think migth be very useful is a "Frequency" node, where you can adjust the phase of an input, and increase the frequency. For smooth gradient like inputs like the plasma that would open up options for electric current like effects. Also a tone curve node would be handy (perhaps there is a simmilar thing already) to have more options for shaping bevels and how intense effects like dirt look.

A few more cells options/variations are very welcome as well, so its easier making panels/flagstones/scales/greebles etc.
(Simmilar to the manhattan approach for Voronoi based cells: (link doesnt appear, i wanted to insert the voronoi cells pattern wiki link)

(Reaction diffusion patterns would be awesome as well for a node, where you can specify balance and iterations perhaps).

Options like those could make the already very complete SD4 even better i think.

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