Author Topic: Materialize Contest: Romain Lemaire's Shou Sugi Ban Pavement  (Read 4558 times)

Here is my take on the Shou Sugi Ban Pavement.
The render is made on marmoset for now, i need some time to be familiare with Iray in designer.


My Take:

Graph is done for me but C&C are very welcome, i will clean my graph and prepare the parameters now.

Also I wanted to know for sure but the Iray render should be made in designer ? or we can use another 3D package with an iray render ? want to know for a better way to control the lighting.

Here is my Iray render. Feel free to critics:


i feel there is some room to improve (especially the moss right now)

Nice job Romain !
The color and the mood is close.
If i may, i think tiles are to strait. on the reference picture we can see that the interstice between the wood blocks are really tiny at some place.
If you look carefully all the blocks are not so square, try to warp them a bit, and adding a little bit off random rotation should be nice too.
Also the corner of the block are too sharp, maybe the overall shape of the block is too flat. Those blocks should be roundly smoothed at some parts (just a little bit)
good work so far ;)

Thanks !

I tweaked what you say and yes it look much better i also totally reworked the moss so here is another version.

I feel like the ground need a little more work.
Also i'm not really happy with the "vein" will try something else but can't find a way to have them sharp and black without them looking awfull.

Well i wanted to tweak some parameters and well i remade the entire graph to add a lot of new idea of customisation.

Here is the result (it's not the final render just a possible variation) i need to make some tweak to the pavement + soil but wanted to show this test.

Comment and critics are  welcome
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Here is my final take on this one.
Was really fun to do, i will just make some Gif to show the possibility but can't work anymore on it (except if someone point something really interesting ;) )


1/4 view:


Your top-down view looks great, near like-for-like to the reference, and I really like the fuzziness of the moss.

It might be nice to add a bit of DoF to your 1/4 render.

It looks amazing 8)

Teriffic work! Looks like you can feel it :D