Author Topic: Is there a way to use allegorithmic with Cinema 4d Lite version R19  (Read 566 times)

Just came across allegorithmic's substance designer / player.

Is there a way to use this with Cinema 4d Lite version R19? (the Lite version does not have a 'Substance Manager', and I don't think it's able to use Python scripting in case that matters)

Followed a tutorial that showed how to convert an exported preset .sbsprs file  from substance player into the format required for c4d - but not sure if that was assuming the full version.

Thanks for any help.

Afraid i may have just found the answer, unless things have changed over last three years. But old documentation notes "Cinema 4D R16 or higher is required. All product versions except Cinema 4D Lite are supported."

Anyone know if that's still the case and if so, any recommendations on practical workarounds?