Author Topic: Correct workflow for baking  (Read 2222 times)

How to get the the materials colour map from the baking?

My work flow,

Low poly model with 4 material ids
Highpoly model with vertex colour.

When i bake i dont get the material colours off the bake instead i see the vertex colour.

1. Rightklick on your Lowpoly fbx
2. Choose - Bake Model Information
3. Choose - Convert UV to SVG from the drop down menu
4. Change Color Mode to Material ID Color
5. Klick OK.

Is it that what you mean?

No im baking the high ploy from low poly to get the correct material map to make the mask in order to change the materials, as described in this video.
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So finally got it to work,
I was making the baking correct, except i didnt realise that i had to place the vertex colours as one single colour for each component. For the masking to work, as seen on the attach graph.

Wow, im one happy man, lol, you beauty.