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My entry for Materialize Contest.

For this contest I've decided to create knit by Jennifer Barrett

Original message pic posted on mattershots channel:

Second reference I've found on Jennifer's page:

This is what I made so far, just the height base for yellow ropes:

Artstation thread is here:
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You're off to an amazing start already :D. Very cool ropes.

You're off to an amazing start already :D. Very cool ropes.

Thanks Käy!

Here is small update. Still far from the reality, just to show the progress.

It's time to submit works! :)

Although I didn't have enough time to improve the final look of this material, I'm quiet happy with this study, because I tried a lot of new things. This was my first artistic challenge. This was the first time I used iRay and I never did fabric materials before.

The most challenging part of this study was to create ropes. It's really hard to bend them and make everything tile perfectly. And I still cannot find good combination of norm/rough/metal to make them look realistic. Perhaps it needs SSS to reproduce the effect you can see on these ropes,

It was great practice and opportunity to learn somethnig new. Thanks Allegorithmic!

You can find the Artstation thread here:

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