Author Topic: Materialize Contest: DISCHETTO noise  (Read 10069 times)

Hi all!

I decided to make this one:


Wow! That looks great already.



metallic variant:

Wow! The metallic one almost looks pearlescent.

I also feel like the metallic one looks more like the one on the photo.

Flowmap painting demo:

Some graphs:

actual noise node:

flowmap travel node:

and it's content:

Amazing stuff. It works extremely well in your example, too.

Very cool! The use of flowmaps like this seems like next gen/level stuff to me :D

Flow map painting! Wow! cool..... Lot of functions! great Job!

Thanks for sharing some magic Fx-Map workflow. Great work. Good Luck! :D

Thanks guys!

Awesome, love to see this technical problem solving  :)

Final renders:

One, that resembles original image

and one, that I like more