Author Topic: Can we have export maps Prefixed with the filenam  (Read 1329 times)

Kia ora

I asked quite a while ago about having a better way to export files from B2M

It wonder full that it puts a neat suffix on the file name for the type it is but if you do
as I have been trying to, working through 72 odd files to forma a library having to edit EVERY file for EVERY set
to change the file to reflect the input file name from:


Well to say that is painful is an understatement to say the least
I'm wondering if there's been any head way made to maybe have a Prefix that picks up the input file name

I do understand the first rely was "we could do this better"  or close to that and thing take time I hope not to much
this is killing me and I'd be really put out if I had to do a run like this again<smile>