Author Topic: Materialize Contest: Overlapping Hexagon Tiles  (Read 10747 times)

WIP of my project thus far


Debating on what type of slate like texture i am going to use for the tiles

Haven't had much of a chance to progressively work but here is the update

Test with new node:

Also trying to render with Iray, but it takes a while

Update with Iray Render:

Update: Added in ambient occlusion map

Just a little test that was fun to work on:


Sorry for the late post mostly because i was setting parameters for numerous things but here are renders that can be created (note this is rendered with OpenGL on 2048*2048)

(PS: this one includes the substance logo made in substance designer and not bitmapped)
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Still adding more parameters and merging nodes together, here's another test render, also feel free to suggest anything i should add or a combination i could make :D

Looks awesome, man!

Thanks Eggfruit, also here is an update with different Background Tile variants:

In case you are wondering, there are other shape variants that can go in the center, but the substance logo looks the coolest in my opinion

Coming back with a new and final update for submission, so here are my final Iray renders which took a while to produce (renders are big, so using imgur):

A render with most of the parameters being used:

And the parameters:

Here's a link to my art station page, which I created a little too late :P:

Added in more renders on the Artstation page: