Author Topic: Substance Designer 6 crashing....over and over  (Read 826 times)

I notice a few noises nodes missing that I liked, vertical noise..was missing..

I added it from the new version it worked fine for days, now all of a sudden it keeps asking me to update that node...any reason why its crashing over and over it says invalid version number, I believe is the error. are we not allowed to use the old noise filters???  if so, why did you guys take them out...this is the third one I liked you guys took out...

any help would be great. on suggestions if we are allowed to do what I did? or is there another way to do this?  Thanks.

ps,  just seen directional was it replaced by that??    also still want to know are we not allowed to use old ones?   I was able to add it and use it fine, but it keep asking me to update , and it would cause it to crash. any info would be great.
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