Author Topic: How to reimport mesh into Painter without changing textures?  (Read 3078 times)

I'm wondering how to reimport my mesh into Painter without it affecting the textures. In my mesh, I moved a few pieces around and when I reimported the mesh, my masks seemed to be all messed up, even for the pieces that were untouched. I didn't rebake anything or change the UVs, so I'm wondering why this would happen.

Edit: When I update my mesh, there are no problems. The problems only show up after saving the file. I've tried importing with preserve strokes and without preserve strokes selected.
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If you move pieces of geometry around, Substance Painter will try to reproject the painted information on now empty spaces in your scene, resulting in broken terxtures. That's a downside of being able to update the UVs of your mesh at anytime.

Is there any way to have it reproject on UVs instead of the mesh, since the UVs haven't changed? Also, when I update the mesh there aren't any issues, so I assume there has to be a way. It's only after I save and it affects parts of the mesh that haven't even been moved.

Hi there!

I was facing the same problem and found this post so maybe there is another solution here? Any workaround?

I make game assets and it is nearly impossible to not move parts or the whole object around after the texture is done. Sometimes we just discover very late that something on a asset needs to be fixed so it is really a problem that I am not able to move mesh parts without losing the mask informations.

Has anyone here found a workaround or is there a hidden trick that I can use?

Right now I have to mirror an entire object which results in losing all mask informations. So if I have to change something on the texture in the future I won't be able to do it. The UV hasn't been changed at all.