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Checked out the promo vid and the post processing looks awesome in SD & the still Wes posted on Twitter. The thing I'm not clear on is... it this in SD & SP?  Does it need to be purchased? If someone could enlighten me, perhaps answer one mother question I have I'd really appreciated it.

My other question is sort of the same question I have when I look at Marmaset Toolbag.  Other than being able to 'look' at one's work in it's glory... is there an actual quantifiable use for this?  I mean look development is important, of course. But, Can we render from it?  Is the outout actually usable?  Toolbag gives great "look... but it always seemed to me, that without being able to scoop up and bring that gorgeous look into Maya or Unity or's sort of like going to a strip club... you can look, but you really can't touch.

It is in SP (since today's update) and SD. The main purpose is really just to take good screenshots of your work and have an idea of how it will look once in-game. Pretty much everything Yebis does can also be done in Unity or UE4 with their post processing options.

Thanks Jeremie,
I've been curious about that, (not YEBIS specifically, but the look Dev software in general).  Be nice if you could back in some of that post effect goodness, although much is very light dependent.

The not being able to do 'takeout' is my biggest disappointment with these amazing products. Imagine if you could get that great look  and literally, package it up and feed it to May or Unity, or UE4. Not have to chase the look all over again.  That would be awesome.

The main purpose is really just to take good screenshots

Is there a built in way to save screenshots? I know we can just printscreen. I'm hoping for something that lets us set a resolution and other options (possibly an alpha channel, bitdepth etc)
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How about Anti Aliasing levels. It looks really weak maybe the default is 2x I could easily crank it up much higher if it was available. You can barely notice any difference with it on.

And a reset to default button.
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Just forced 32x CSAA through Nvidia Control Panel on the Substance Painter.exe Now that looks Smooth.