Author Topic: [SOLVED] Broken Thumbnails in Library  (Read 1601 times)

I installed new version of Substance. My Bull Guard have found SBS Renderer or something like that when I run Substance as suspicious software and moved that into quarantine. I uninstalled Bull Guard after as I assume it should be fine. Unfortunately in library I dont see thumbnails for Patterns, noises etc  Just few.. most are presented as huge letter 'S'. Could you please tell me what can I do to have them all regenerated? I uninstalled substance and installed it again but nothing has changed. My PC has 16GB of memory and Graphic card with 11GB so it is not memory issue. Also had all icons represented by thumbnails before. Could you help me please? Didnt find anything on google. Thanks in advance,
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In Designer go to Edit->Preferences->Library-> rebuild thumbnails.
It should work ! If not, try 'rebuild the database' in the same window.
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Works, thanks a lot :)

Nice !  :D
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