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You should plug your image directly in he warp instead of the crease noise, it was just an example, what is important is the tiles pattern you plug in the second input of the Warp.

Thanks Jeremie,
Worked perfectly ;D

One more please Jeremie.
Here i used sandstone with veins and they are all in one direction.
Is there a way to turn the veins in all different direction?

You could use a transfo2D node to rotate the whole texture by 90', then blend the original with the rotated one using the same kind of Tile generator you used before in the mask input of the blend.

I set the tile generators all the same value. I don't understand why the textures are doubling on some tiles chris crossing.

Here is the graph

Rendered image

You should use the rotation after the warp, not before to make sure you don't have tiles with crosses :)

I tried with little luck.
Can you please post a screen shot on how to achieve this?
i.e. which nodes go where.

I think it may actually be the same issue as with the parquet texture, that your input texture is not seamless (the warp method is basically what is used by the parquet filter). Simply put your input through a "Make it tile Photo" filter before plugging the result into your graph.

I have been try to setup the rotation after the warp with little success :>(
Can you please show us how to setup Nodes?

Still no luck :( with getting this material looking perfect.
Did the rotation after the warp and tiled it firstly.

As you can see the veins of the stone are crossing the individual tiles.Also cris crossing on top.
Can you please give me an example to follow.
I dont know if the nodes are placed in correct order

Your graph looks good to me, all you have to do is pushing the contrast on the tile map you use to mask the different rotated marbles, so that in your mask, tiles are either black or white. Right now you have different levels of greyscale on your mask, so it blends smoothly between the 2 directions of marbles you have. 

Hi Jeremie,

I sent you the file can you please help me set it up?
I have been playing around with it and i think its all screwed up.
Most times i don't save the file and its saves the changes and i cannot get back my original file.
Also im struggling to make a very small tile join.
Basically i need to place a tile texture which is a bit map and i need to make the tile texture be placed randomly so it can look real.

Hard to work out which node makes a small tile joint.


What do we have to do to get some help around here?
Not asking for to much to give us an example.