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For the full rules and details, head over to our BLOGPOST.

If you have any question not answered in the blogpost page, please ask here  ;)
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So I read the rules, but there are a few things that remain not entirely clear to me.

"For this contest, the task is simple: Choose one image as a reference from Mattershots and create a material using Substance Designer."

First question, Am I trying to make as close to an exact copy of the source material as possible? If no, how loosely can I interpret the source material. Namely, I love the source image I chose, but want to expand in certain ways or swap out a material like say a grout-like texture for a wood-like texture.

"1. The main reference image must be selected from one of the 750+ images on the Mattershots Instagram inspiration channel.

Because of the image resolution limitation on Instagram, if you need more information about small surface details for example, you can use additional images as references (of the same type of material) you find on the web to enrich your work.

If you use additional reference images, please include them in your submission zip."

This last question would be made irrelevant if the answer to the first is that I am trying to make an identical copy of the source material, but if not here is my last question: Can our additional reference images be from the Mattershots Instagram inspiration channel?

Thank you. With three kids I'm hopeful to to get this in before the deadline.

seems like a fun contest,
I've a question though, regarding categories.

There are 2 categories, general and MDL, but I'm not really sure where to draw the line between both.

I guess something like a car paint shader would fit the MDL category, or something more shader oriented.
But, what would happen, for a ceramic or a marble for instance that could use some translucency and coating but are heavily pattern driven as well ?

like your video tutorial example, the fireclay tiles, would you consider this for the general or the MDL category ?

and in case we enter the general category, can we still benefit from a custom MDL ?

Have a question about the Mattershot reference image - if i have say something like this - would I recreate everything in the image (buckles, leather etc) or just the main (cloth like) material?

Is the final render should be from Designer viewport? Can I render my material in Marmoset+ Iray render from SD? Cuz there is more flexibility with lightning. Also have question about tessellation in Iray. Is it works?
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Is the final render should be from Designer viewport? Can I render my material in Marmoset+ Iray render from SD? Cuz there is more flexibility with lightning. Also have question about tessellation in Iray. Is it works?
I think you can use the panorama module to recreate lighting.

Hi everyone,

i have a question ,i want to participate in the contest ,what if i build a height map out of designer and bring it in as height bitmap or are we constrained to using just procedural workflow .

Thank you.

Hi everybody,

  • 1 image of the created texture in Iray render mode on Plane HD (Default Geometry SD) (4096x4096)
What is meant by Default Geometry SD? Does SD stand for subdivision, in this case? And if it does, the default is 1 for Parametric method and 10 for Length method, which in my opinion is very limiting.

What do you think?

Packaging Production Artist, 3D Generalist

SD in this case just stands for Substance Designer, it's meant to say use the default Plane HD primitive shipped with Designer.

Hey Jeremie, does it have to be a single graph or can we do helper graphs? If we can, then in the submission include a screenshot of just the main graph?

Also we are supposed to include "Image of the maps (4K: 4096x4096)" - basecolor, normal etc? All in one image, like a cross section?

Edit: are Pixel Processor and FX allowed?

Thanks in advance.
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I have a question regarding the way our work will be judged.
If I make a substance that looks similar to the reference photo but it has some extra elements added (not visible on the reference photo, some of them are very small and it is hard to find another reference) just to make the substance look more artistic and interesting will it count against me or will it be beneficial for me in terms of judging.
What I am trying to ask I guess is - are there any extra points for creativity and coming up with my own extra addition to the texture or not?

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski

@rosenand You can use subgraphs, just include a screenshot of your main graph and of subgraphs if they're important enough that it makes sense.
FX-Maps and Pixel processors are allowed of course.

@rwnet You are free to fill up gaps in the reference or interpret parts that are unclear, I don't know if there are extra points for that but it is certainly allowed.

ok, thanks :)

Hello, Jeremy!
Does the requirement "Image of the maps (4K: 4096x4096)" mean that all graph output maps need to be placed in "Matterialize_template.psd" in the "Your design here" layer? If so, it would be nice to have a script that would automatically create the cross-section masks on corresponding layers  ::)
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Is it possible for you guys to confirm that you have received my submission and that everything is OK with it? (by that I mean all the necessary files are there and they meet the requirements)
My submission was called Vase_Substance

Best regards,
Robert Wilinski