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i seem to be getting strange artifacts in my Curvature Bake which leads to terrible generation of edge wear. i am baking WITHOUT a high poly, but enabling 'use low poly as high poly' and even selecting the model low for high and messing with the settings doesnt work. this is for geometry (landing gear) where i use mirrored UV information, however this has been moved out of 0-1 UV space.
i seem to be getting better results when i remove parts of the model (e.g. the front landing gear model but keeping the main), however i dont understand how this works because they all have unique UV info. you can see faceted artifacts in the curvature maps.
see the pics also for what the wear gen does.. also notice how bright some parts are. uargh :(
please help.
many thanks :)
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This faceted look is expected when you bake without a good normal map (baked from a high-poly).
You will have to increase the base geometry to improve the rendering of the curvature.
Don't forget your log file. It can be exported from the Help menu of the software.
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