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Hi, I was wondering, please, I bought Substance Painter, THEN the 2 others, some days after that, and then only I saw a indie pack added, (I think it was during the 1st steam promo 2 or maybe 3 month ago not sure, I have to check)

It is gone for me for the 30BPR free pack ? :(((
EDIT : I sent an email after read others topic with same issue.

AND There are several collection in the database like "Bricks Collection", how do I know which "bricks" are in this pack before buying it (if I would buy this one)

P.S. are all your textures without seam ?
P.P.S. : None part of the forum is made for Blender user  ohhhhhhhhh so sad !  ;)
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The 30 PBR substances are now directly included within Substance Designer.
You can find them in the Library, in PBR Materials.

Regarding the collections, you can find everything here:

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Thanks, concrete and bricks collection sound good :)

Does Architecture Collection include others full collections ? is it why it is more expensive than the others ?

For better selling, and easier to see for customer, I really think you should add visual details, by exemple : we could click on one collection picture, and then we could see all the textures included ! ;)

In Dota2 we can see characters with the new skins before buy, and I am sure it improve the desire of people to buy them, it is just a little advice, take it only if you would ! :P
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ok lol I installed the unity flash player, now I can see what I told above exist already lol, but not fair, now I want buy them all, but I can't haha !

You can buy the full Substance Database, which contains them all :)

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Believe me, If I had the money, I already would have done it !  :'(