Author Topic: AO & Curvature map generators  (Read 3913 times)

It would be great to have these two map generators (as found in Substance Designer) directly within SP. I find myself often loading SD just so I can bake the two maps which are kind of essential for many Painter layers/effects.


Actually the normal map, curvature map and AO map generation NEEDS to be in Substance painter and it needs to be dynamic (updating on the fly) to allow painting in height information at one layer and then at the next layer painting with particles that use the updated curvature/AO.

This is not only nice-to-have but necessary to be artist friendly and not having to swap between SD/SP all the time (or the need to own SD to use SP).

Would love this.

It's in the pipe.

You legends!

Oh its  a great new !
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