Author Topic: Get Unity Substance Demo Scene?  (Read 4075 times)

Hey guys,

i was wondering, you have this unity scene on your homepage, where we are able to change different things on the texture.
Are the inputs somewehow computed or did you have to set them manually for each material?

And if its the first, would there maybe be a possibility to release that scene?
Because i am thinking of maybe throwing such a demo scene onto my portfolio, when its done. So i could show future employers how modular my textures are.
I'm not so sure about that idea yet, so dont release it if its too much of a hassle for you guys :)

Have a nice day!


You are talking about the "Getting Started" demo?

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Oh no, i'm sry, i mean the one you use for selling you substances.

Like the preview in here:

Maybe it wouldnt be too bad to show future employers how modular one can make a texture (or how reusable for different factors).
My question was if the sliders are hardcoded for each substance or does it somehow get these inputs from the substance itself?
And if they are not hardcoded, could one switch the model interactivly?

Yes,the sliders get inputs from the substance itself. You can browse all the substance parameters by script within Unity.
So we "simply" load the substance from a server, browse its parameters and display them.

We have 2 demos on the Unity Asset Store showcasing how to use substances in Unity: Airstream and Pimp my Hooligan.
I think Pimp my Hooligan would be the best in your case.
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