Author Topic: Endless horizontal noise ?  (Read 4851 times)

Hello !
In my project, i have a number of generated adjacent wall tiles, on which i'd like to map a dirtmap, and i'd like it to be non-recurring.

for recurring, i mean my previous attempt:
exposing a transform2D tiling offset, of my dirtmap 4x times wide.
and then adding, for each generated tile, an offset increase to make it match nicely.
which works fine, but it's of course limited to 4 adjacent tiles, then the 4x wide map starts over.

So, basically, what i'm asking, if it's possible (and i'd appreciate an hint on how) to make an FX map, and without making it wider (that will always limit the maximum number of adjacent tiles) have it to generate a noise i can "scroll" forever on one axis.

Thank you for your time.


Can you attach the files you have done so far ?
Will be eaisier to figure out what you are trying to achieve.

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i fear what you are searchign for is "world space noise", which in contrast to "UV Space Noise" isnt limited to the bounds of the mesh, but instead seeds its brightness value through its point in space.

Someone may want to tell me otherwise, but i fear if that is the case, you're stuck. Good news however is, that the good people at Allegorithmic are already working on it (at least they scheduled it for a future release).

What you could do however (depending on your target platform) is to duplicate your substance and seed the noises new. now you have two versions of the same material and put it in a multimaterial or whatever (if your using max/maya)

Hello, and thanks for your feedback.
the world space noise may be a good point, but the number of maximum adjacent tiles, before the world space noise seam, would still be a finite number.

as for my platform, it's unity3d, and the project is a procedural dungeon.
where every wall section shares the same substance, and via script I offset for every tile, the dirtmap texture.
I think seeding the noise differently for each tile, wouldn't make the dirtmap tile
correctly from wall to wall.

thank you for your answers, hope this helps focusing better, on what I want to achieve.

A cheap and easy way of doing this would be to have a base dirt map and another one you randomize for each tile and have these 2 blended using a gradient so that the sides of the textures are always the base dirt map, and everything else is the randomed one.

cheap and dirty, I like it :)
i'm going to try this, and see how close i can get to make the sides less significant possible.
good one, thank you again!
anyway, if anyone can point me closer to achieve the optimistic "endless horizontal noise" i'd love to hear. and i'd also like to know where to read about Allegorithmic implementing World space noise.
thank you all !