Author Topic: Ability to Switch out Maps and Models  (Read 1783 times)

I was making several interchangeable cliff faces today, and realized that the majority of my layer work would work perfectly on the other meshes I've made.  Rather than change out the individually in each layer that it's used, it would be great to have a master file area to just change out the AO, Normal, etc.

Great job though!

I'm in the same boat as retexturing all assets over the course of a production doesn't make sense when you could swap out the mesh and ao etc maps and be 80% done.

Have you been able at all to swap out a mesh retaining the layers with the newer betas ?
We had to go back to v0.7.1 as that one seemed to be the last one that allowed mesh swapping without clearing your layer stack.

This swap mesh bug seems to happen only with some meshes. Could you send me via pm the meshes that are causing the issue so I could test on my end? Thanks.

I was able to do it yesterday.  I'm not sure how to remove the old textures though, so my textures kept adding up.  I'll be doing it again today with my latest work.