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I've been using designer to texture a full game asset at work to develop a good workflow and test how far we can take it in Substance. On area that I found lacking considering how useful it can be is the SVG editor.

I tried to find rotation before and couldn't until today. I think including a lot of tools that you can find in photoshop or in the UV editors of most major 3d apps would be very useful.

It would be very helpful if these features could be added as buttons into the svg editor, with different tool icons when active:
-rotate, rotate 90 degrees clockwise/counter clockwise
-mirror vertical/horizontal (using the pivot as the mirror axis)

Some other useful tools (but these would be 2nd priority to me) would be:
- the addition of add, subtract, intersect to the Shapes Tool (so I can make a square, then subtract another square from inside it to  hollow it out for instance.
- Text tool ( I think this has been requested before)
- Select corner points and either chamfer or bevel them. This would be most useful if it worked on multiple selected points at a time, so I could equally bevel all corners of a square shape at once.

I found myself using the SVG editor to make simple graphic markings, secondary paint patterns on a vehicle or for simple details I didn't add in the highpoly. It's very time saving to be able to add this in Substance Designer rather than make it in photoshop or go back to the high poly 3d model and rebake.

One last request would be some guidance on what filter would be best to use to create chipping around the edges of graphic mask (say, some text) I created in the SVG editor (mask would be simple black and white).


I really agree with this request.
Actually, I really would like to see these kind of 2D tools added to both Designer and Painter.


Did a similar request

I agree. Designer needs better 2D tools.

just merge the apps, guys :P

You can rotate shapes by clicking very near a point outside of the box. Use the "shift" key to snap the rotation (45 degree increments). It could definitely be much more intuitive!,1255.msg5624.html#msg5624